Covid-19 Contact Trace Book© 10 Pack




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Our GDPR Covid-19 Trace book ©, registers all staff & visitors that enter your building, records their temperature & contact phone number, all while keeping their information hidden and secure to the public eye. Furthermore, In the unfortunate event of a fire, this is essential post evacuation, for confirming all visitors are present at the muster stations , in line with current health and safety procedures.

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Return to Work Safely Protocol COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers Re visitor/employee sign in/out and temperature logs:*

    • Employers will keep a log of contact/group work to facilitate contact tracing. – inform workers and others of the purpose of the log.
    • implement temperature testing in line with Public Health advice.
    • adapt existing sign-in/sign-out measures and systems, for example, biometrics/turnstiles, to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained
    • Workers, contractors or visitors visiting workplaces where there are restrictions arising from the risk of COVID-19 should follow the site infection prevention and control measures and take into account public health advice around preventing the spread of COVID-19. A system for recording visits to the site(s) by workers/others as well as visits by workers to other workplaces should be put in place by employers and completed by workers as required.
    • use own pens for signing in.
    • (Prepared by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and the Department of Health 11/05/2020)