GDPR Compliant Student Late Arrival Book, 850 names, – Perfect for Secondary Schools.


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850 Names, 17 per page, 50 Pages (A4) per book. Now Only €39.95 (ex vat)

Under both the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sign-in books should not visibly display each student’s name to others. Whilst it is acceptable to display the reason for their lateness, the name of the student should be protected under this legislation.

The Solution
To get around the issue raised above, we have developed this fully compliant late arrival register. As you can see, the student name field is blacked out. The responsible member of staff just needs to write over the top of blacked out panels. Without pushing too hard with a pen, the name will be recorded on the concealed sheet underneath.

Should a responsible person in your school, college or university wish to see a full list of who has arrived late and the associated reasons, they just need to separate the top blacked-out sheet from the duplicated under-sheet. As you can see in the pictures, the NCR under-sheet will give you a list of who has arrived late.

Fields shown include: Date, name, time in, reason, excused/unexcused and the staff initials

Features and Benefits

  • Blacked out name fields to comply with GDPR
  • Boxes to capture reason for latest
  • Undersheet can be used by authorised personnel should the school wish to review lateness records in full
  • Book includes card separator, card front and rear covers, and is spiral bound for ease of use

Size: A4 (210x297mm)

Number of sign-in panels: 850 across 50 pages per book.

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