C-19 Vaccinated & Temperature Visitor Trace Books – Specially Developed for Nursing Homes




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***RECORDS Visitors Temperature and ‘Vaccinated Boxes’ ***

This latest addition to our family of blacked-out GDPR compliant visitor books is designed to give businesses and other organisations the ability to record the names of 550 visitors. This is particularly important during the pandemic, where identifying visitors who may have come into contact with others suffering from COVID-19 is paramount in reducing the spread of this infection.

Featuring a spiral bound spine, card front and rear pages, this book is made to same exacting standards as all of our other sign-in books.

This popular book also has a built in divider page, so any names written into it will only be duplicated onto the page the blacked out top copy is sealed to.

How does it work?
On entry into your building, the visitor should write down their name and the name of the person or department they are visiting. Alongside this, they should also record the time they signed in, the day’s date and, most importantly, their initials. These initials will help them later when they come to sign out; recording the time they left the building in the final field across.

Featuring blacked out name fields, this books is totally compliant with both 1998’s Data Protection Act and the far more stringent GDPR Regulations in 2018.

Also acts as a fire register
Should the building be evacuated in the event of a fire, the duplicate sheet containing all the names of visitors to your premises can be seen be separating the blacked-out top sheet from the full list of names underneath. By simply glancing at the ‘time out’ field, it will be obvious to the responsible person which visitors are potentially still in the building and unaccounted for.

*50 page book, 11 signatures per page, 550 signatures per book*